We can easily cater your sushi needs

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Throw an amazing sushi party without breaking the bank. 

MakiMaki can cater all sushi events:  from a small order of 4~5 executive bento boxes to a party platter for 200 people.  We make great sushi very effectively and are located in the heart of midtown.  We can deliver within midtown by 11:45 AM.  Please provide 36 hours of advance notice. Please note delivery would be additional.
Ordering from our menu is easier than ever.  Simply determine the party size (10, 20, etc), and select a "Grade" course of: Beginner / Intermediate / Premium.  Catering menu items can be easily substituted with another sushi option at the same price level or, alternatively, a specialized order can easily be arranged.
When ordering or deciding on what to order for an event, simply contact us at: Info@makimaki.nyc or call us at: (212)-245-4550. Ask for Kevin.